Project Outcome

The project outcome can be viewed from several points of view. Undoubtedly, the most important project outcome are research results in the field of acquisition, processing, and employing knowledge about user activities in extensive information hyperspaces using models. We publish the research results in international reviewed conferences home and abroad, as well as in scientific journals. This not only enables world-wide confrontation of the results with contemporary research, but also their application in further projects.

A further important result is the primary research results verification in design and pilot realization of the software tools for acquisition and processing of the information about user behaviour with the aim of semiautomatical creating and maintaining of user models. In the verification of the developed methods and techniques in the pilot application, the existing software tools employment, preferably in the form of the free and open source software, is assumed.

Pilot application is developed in the form of a web portal for evaluation of the research results. The portal uses new methods for user models development directed to the application domain of scientific publications.

The aim of the pilot application is to effectively find information and knowledge about the user and to enable the users to improve its navigation within the space of scientific publication. The goal is to achieve improvements in the area of navigating large information spaces.

Benefits of the proposed design are as follows:

  • exploitation of ontologies for user modeling (reasoning, document similarity)
  • automatic update of user characteristics according his/her behavior
  • unified approach to navigation in scientific publication information space from various sources